Difference between Double Block and Bleed Valve, And Single Block and Bleed Ball valve

It is essential to know the function of  KP-LOK double block and bleed valve. The single ball and bleed valve are mostly used for achieving positive isolation whenever there is an ongoing maintenance activity in a pipeline. In most cases, the block and bleed valve are produced as a single entity and can be installed easily for the purpose of usage.

They are mostly used for a process service which is not critical, example include a pressure system, non-hazardous, non-hydrocarbon process fluids. For a critical service, it is crucial to have a DBB valve assembly.

In order to have a positive isolation during the maintenance, shutdown or repair activities, a single block and bleed can be used in the following ways. The block valve would be closed; you will then drain the shutdown side of the block and bleed assembly so that it can be ready for maintenance.

The block and bleed valve are also used in conjunction with a special kind of blind spacers so as to provide a positive isolation. The assemblies of block and bleed would help in minimizing the leakage paths when compared to other kind of installation which involve a single valve, thereby creating high safety in the appliance.

Double Block And Bleed Valve

This kind of valve helps in the replacement of the traditional techniques which are in existence and are used by engineers so as to create the desired configuration i.e. (DBB) in a pipeline. Conventionally, so as to realize a DBB configuration, two different isolation valves would be installed by the engineers as well as a different place for bleeding the cavity which is between them. The space is perfect in the environment of the refinery and this method requires more valves which need to be installed and a “T”-tool which would allow the bleding of the cavity more than double of the space required when you make comparism with a single valve system. The size increase can result to non-feasibility of the installation, especially in a situation where you need to upgrade several valves together with it.

Double Block and Bleed Valves Reduce Leakage

The tracking of the emission is very crucial to the users’ ad engineers in the sector. Multiple challenges are presented by the emission, not only that the loss of a valuable media via leakage carry an economic cost, but the emissions likewise contribute significantly to air pollution as well as climate change. Also, the emissions of compounds which are volatile can result to a long term health risks for the communities, employees and the escape of the flammable substances can increase the risk of explosions. While the volume of medium escaping from a particular leak may be small, the cumulative effect across a large facility can add up to a great proportion of the total emissions of plant. The seal which is placed between two separate pieces of material represent a path where leak can occur and can thus increase the number of different parts of pipe for the installation of valve would increase the chances of media escaping from the system.

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